Matthew  8:2 And, behold, there came a leper and worshipped him, saying, Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean.  8:3 And Jesus put forth his hand, and touched him, saying, I will; be thou clean. And immediately his leprosy was cleansed.
Jesus breaks the law in his response in this exerpt; he touches a leprous man. The man is unsure of Jesus’ thoughts about him, but Jesus assures him by saying ‘I want to’. Jesus is not cajouled, he is not forced, he is not ‘oju aye‘ (of eye service) he wants to!

I suspect that if any man starts acting like Jesus now, we 21st century believers may still hurt him!
Here’s what we always miss out on; he touched the leper – someone considered unclean! I don’t understand this Jesus!

Don’t run away from that society reject…don’t run away from that person that the society as termed unclean. Don’t!

How will you ‘touch’ him if you do? How will you make him clean?





Most people are making the recent killings at a Catholic church a moral issue; they are making it an issue as regards where money that was used to run the church came from, they are making a ridicule of the many innocent that lost their lives, they are forgetting that even a drug dealer or murderer deserves life and not death, they are forgetting that what makes it a house of God is not were the money running it came from, but the presence of God in his people, they are forgetting that God’s people were hurt too…
Take a second look at them, and say to yourself that’s not me! I love, I grieve when others are hurt, and I pray to keep even my enemies from harm.



On Prayer And Want

When Paul says “pray without ceasing,” he is not giving an instruction, he’s revealing

a property of the human being; we are ALWAYS praying. The life we are living

now, is the answer of our prayers, the life we are living now, is SUSTAINED by our

prayers. Every day, we are praying, every moment.

When I say “I want that,” I am only suggesting that I do not have it now.
Faith is NOW, not LATER. SO, what I am now, I am, and will forever be. If i want

now, then I will continue to want. This is the way we were taught to pray, but Jesus never prayed like this.
Rather, than ask, Jesus affirmed that what everybody thought he wanted, he

ALREADY had. When he got to Lazarus’ tomb, he called out to him, as though Lazarus were only taking a nap in a tomb. When confronted with death, he was life. When confronted with darkness, he was LIGHT. Light does not NEED to pray against DARKNESS, it does not even need to pray for LIGHT. If the environment needs light, light just shows up.
No matter what you want, remember “All things are yours (already)”…for “I am (The Lord) (is) my shepherd, how could I possibly want?
This is God’s love for you, first He made you like Himself from Himself so you don’t

have to wonder why He keeps loving you even when you tend to go astray! He gave you all authority and kept you safe in using it, by making Himself readily available (like always!) Talking to you on

everything and how to use this power!
Know this love, listen to Him always and act accordingly for so shall you never waste a pinch of energy!