On Matt 5:28

I have read Matthew 5:28 so many times, because I have read the chapter, its succeeding chapter and the one after that many more times than almost any other chapter. Reason is because, those were Jesus’ longest recorded sermon. I am a very big fan of that man. Many of you know. 
However, when I read His words I am also careful of the fact that he too was just a man. Influenced by the prevalent thoughts in his days, having to renew his mind like any of us. 
Let me digress a little 
if you observe anybody, you will see all their influences summed up into their lives. You can tell a Scripture Union sister or brother from their dressing, body or clothes fragrance or from even what they say. We are beings of influence. Paul says we are epistles…Some sort of open book showing all the things we have been influenced by.
It is better you listen to this now
We are all under the influence of something. All of us!!! All we can do is CHOOSE WHAT INFLUENCES US!
Okay back to the matter.
Jesus makes that statement and I decided to find out what influenced that thought.

Going back to the law (principle) of Moses, I discovered what he meant. One day, I will talk about the law of Moses and set it free from the condemnation it has been sentenced to by this generation but until then.
What Jesus was referring to, was the strange power that dwell inside us. The power that puts us in touch with experiences that are beyond our physical experiencing. Jesus was not referring to sin, as he was referring to an ability that we possess. According to Jesus, if I experience something very vividly in imagination, I have experienced it.
Let me end it with another statement Jesus makes in John 14:1-4. If you do not understand his influence, you will completely miss it and think he is referring to some “heaven” (that’s talk for another day). Whereas, he is referring to the same thing he is talking about in the first scripture I quoted (if you didn’t check it before, check it now for I will not quote it for you)
Let me summarize. If you want something,experience it in the depth of your being (your mansions) soon, you will bring everyone to join you.
I understand that this post may sound weird: but it’s for a reason.
Those with ears have heard