Hanging Out With The Father; Few Thoughts From Our Discourse. 

I’ve been doing a whole lot of ‘hanging out with the father’ of late, and thought to share some of the things we — the father and i — have giggled about.
Some of these things have been the issue of ”What did Jesus really come to do?” If we say Jesus came to save us, what did he come to save us from? What role does he play in our lives today as “Christians,” and so on.
And if u know anything about the Father, you’ll know I am having the time of my life.

I’ll start off just sharing from OUR heart (the Father and I share one lol). 
Listening to a lot of Christian folks, it’s clear that Jesus came to save them. But the question I have asked for almost 12years of my life, has been “What did Jesus come to save us from?” I want you to pause and ask yourself that very question; what did Jesus come to save me from? It is very clear that a lot of us have mixed and funny answers to that question. Let me make some guesses to some of your answers. Some folks said SIN, others said SIN CONSCIOUSNESS, some even said HELL!!!
Now this is getting interesting… But here is a shocking truth; beneath all these answers, GOD is the one we say Jesus saved us from. Yeah!!! because we think God was going to send us to hell, for our Sins. 
So, Jesus came to save us from GOD. Wow!!! Jesus came to save us from GOD??? Some say God was mad at our sin, so Jesus came to appease the Father on our behalf (now, we’ve turned God to Sango, and amadioha — pagan gods that require blood sacrifice)…lol.
Let me say 2 things at this point. First, Jesus is the express image of the Father. Jesus is not the new/fresh groove of the Father. Jesus is simply this; The expression of the Father in flesh. Meaning; for Jesus to have been the way he was, it means GOD was always like that. He didn’t change!!! Second, God forgave us. 
Let me explain; when we say Jesus ‘paid’ for our sins, we indirectly say God didn’t forgive us. We indirectly say God was ‘paid’ so he let us go. God wasn’t ‘settled’, rather, HE forgave us.
See, God is not SCHIZOPHRENIC. He loved us since the beginning of the world and our SINS were never an issue with GOD…let me say it again OUR SINS were never God’s issue, for LOVE keeps no record of SIN (check your Bible, it’s there…I believe u read it more than I do). God didn’t kill his son for us; NO SCRIPTURE says that!!!
Scriptures says that we killed him; yes we humans killed the Lord (off course inspired by the Devil). The father sent Jesus to do just one thing; SHOW us LOVE, No matter what it took!!! Did Jesus lay down his life? YES!!! But did God kill him? NO!!!
There is too much to say about this, and this forum is not enough to pour my heart out on the subject — but rather than condemn me, or think I’ve lost my mind, we could talk about it and every scripture you have on it, would be analysed, and put in context.
So what’s the point of this post? God loves us!!! He LOVES us so much!!! He forgave us and sent Jesus to let us know. Never feel scared of God. Rather, trust his unending love.