The Yoruba word for Imagination, is Oju Inu. Directly translating it into words and meaning, it means ‘Inner Eyes’. Subjectively looking at the word in yoruba, it doesn’t just mean ‘Inner Eyes’, it also means ‘eyes that see beyond the surface, because they are present beneath the surface’ (as though the same ‘Inner Eyes’ are in two places; in the observer and in the observed) The same applies for Efik and a host of other indigenous languages. When observed, it seems the ancient understood that  ‘to imagine, is to see with deeper eyes, into depths beyond the surface’. Every great inventor first imagined the invention, before it was ever created even the famous E=MC2 wasn’t the product of too much mental disturbance; Einstein says ‘it just came, almost in a dream’

Open your eyes…you can shut the outer one if you like. But once the inner is opened, nothing is hid from you sight.

Imagine… See