The Lost Words Of Silence

No one can successfully argue that prayer doesn’t work, because the one who

would venture on that hopeless quest is obviously ignorant of the word prayer.
The man, who argues that prayer doesn’t work, is the man who hasn’t prayed; the

man, who has engaged in various religious exercises but prayer. That man is the

man who changes his choices every now, then and again. He is the man who doesn’t know what he wants. That man is

the double minded one unstable in his ways and cannot receive anything from

God. Not because God is angry with him, no, but because he who asks has received and he who seeks has found. How then

can a man receive without asking? That man would not receive because he hasn’t asked. But how can a man ask if he doesn’t know what he wants?
Now, someone who is reading this would say ‘I ask, I speak to God, I open my mouth and cry out to him with a loud

voice…’ I would reply him by saying this: you ask with your mouth while your heart is painting a different picture. That is not prayer, you can call it wishful words or

lamenting. Your heart is closer to God than your mouth. Your mouth seeks a

God on the outside — which it would never find — instead of looking inward.
That which you seek without is within — as above, so below. His will is done on

earth as it is in heaven — on earth, in you.
Prayer is so simple that even demons pray. ‘Do not cast us into the abyss’ they said, ‘let us go into that herd of pigs’ they prayed. It is so simple that even a thief didn’t need to be taught, ‘when you get

to your father’s kingdom, please remember me,’ he said, and the master

replied him and said, ‘of a truth, today, you shall be with me in paradise. 
A great man once wanted his master’s cattle to breed spotted lambs; all he had to do was create a criss-cross fence that made him see the cattle as spotted, when viewed through it. This imprinted the image of

spotted cattle in his heart, so when the ewes began to produce, they began to

produce spotted offspring.
The situation on the outside had to conform to what he prayed for and saw on the inside — in his heart. Jacob was a man of payer. Prayer is about knowing what you want.
Prayer is about desiring the same, as though your existence depends on it.

Prayer is synchronising the thoughts of your heart with the words of your mouth.

Prayer is looking within to the God on your inside. Prayer is earnestly searching for answers with the ‘candle of the lord, the spirit of man, your own spirit, your heart, because God, your All, The All, your All in All has All the answers — he is All the

answers — and dwells right there in your heart. 
Your desire, your earnest expectation, is your prayer, not your crying, wailing and lamentations. So friends this morning, be careful when youre silent, be careful what you desire, be careful what you think in your heart, because whether good or bad, therein lies your prayer.

Adeayo for The SWAT


The Two Sided Coin

Today I want to talk to you about currency, and I want you to listen
I need you to listen. 

Don’t just listen with your ears, if this is being read to you. And don’t just listen with your mind if you’re reading this alone quietly. 
I need you to listen with the core of your being, the collection that makes you an entity — your body soul and spirit. I need you to leave where you are and follow me on a short trip I’m about to take you through. 
That said, lets go

What is Currency?

The American English Dictionary defines currency as: the state of being current; general acceptance or recognition. It also describes it as money or other items used to facilitate transactions. 
Stay with me. 

So that tells us something. If the whole world or selected community decides to accept cassava as their sole means of exchange, it means cassava can be considered as currency. 
Throughout history there has been many generally accepted means of exchange. From the barter system which was need based to the use of silver, gold and other precious metals, to the phase of Fiat currencies such as the ones we use today — paper money. And it seems the world is even moving forward, making quantum leaps in the use of what is called cryptocurrency — digital money — where units of money are being created using a set of algorithms. Interesting huh? And there are numerous types of this decentralised digital means of exchange today like bitcoin, thebillioncoin, onecoin, dogecoin and the rest.
Now for those of you who think this is going to be our focus today, I’m sorry to disappoint you. 

In the existence of this inexhaustible list of coins, I want to talk to you about another kind of coin. I call it the two sided coin.

Stay with me

If you would turn with me to the letter written to the Hebrews — in the Bible — I’ll show you something incredible.
I know some of us here have read the book of Hebrews countless times, but for the sake of this discourse, I crave your indulgence. 

Actually leave the app you’re reading this from and get your Bible application. Open it to Hebrews Chapter 11. 
The first verse reads: Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the sign that the things not seen are true (BBE)
You see, over the years majority of us have struggled with that verse. Only a few sincere people will accept that though. We’ve meditated on it countless times, but…e no epp (in Pidgin English). It didn’t help. And that’s because we’ve done so on a pre-established premise. A premise we absorbed into our consciousness unconsciously from Sunday School and the likes, which has done an unintentional harm to our mindsets, concerning our mindsets. 
Our problem with that verse was not the KJV version as most of thought. KJV expressed the very essence of the truth it portrays with no attempt — none whatsoever — to twist or wrap what that verse connotes.
Stay with me friends. Just stay with me, come along. Come, see. 

The error we have made is in seeing that verse as one whole piece of information. But sadly the verse is saying two different things, and we have spent hours, on our knees, on our beds, couches, and even on the pulpit, in futile attempts  to bind intimately, two separate things into one. 
I’ll show you

Here’s the first. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for.” 
Now I want you to think of something you recently purchased. 
Do some actual thinking please

Something you recently purchased. Do you know that the currency or money you used to purchase that item, before you bought it, signifies your hope for that item? You thought of the item and set money aside for it, hoping you’d get it.
Now do you know that that item you purchased, after finally purchasing it, has become the substance — physical matter — of your hope? The answer to it. 
Now look at the second part: “…the sign that the things not seen are true.”
Look at this carefully, faith is the SIGN that the things not seen, are true. Ha!!! That is, your money, the currency in your hand is a sign that the  things you have not even seen are true.
My friend Usen MJ has 7million NGN his pocket and he wants a Honda Crosstour. The money can get him a Crosstour, but he hasn’t gone to the dealership to buy it off the lot. But he has the required currency. 
The currency is the sign that he has the Crosstour he hasn’t received. Or isn’t it? Think about it. The sign of the Crosstour not yet seen. If I ask him he’d tell me he has it. And he does. Because he has the willingness to buy it and the money to back it up. He has it!! I don’t care if he has not gone to pick it up. He has it. 
So, faith, a currency is the seen and the unseen!! Haha. The physical matter seen and the sign that the unseen is still true. I call it the Two Sided Coin. 
This tells us something, that is even when it hasn’t materialised, you have it. Because of your faith. The crux of the matter is if you have faith, you have it. 
So, The Two Sided coin is a currency that holds the commodity before the exchange!!! 
Maybe someone is not getting me

The Two Sided Coin is the commodity itself. It is everything you need!!! 
Maybe someone is not still getting me. 

When you hold this coin you hold ALL. Everything is with you. Here and now!! You’re in that state where the word was with God and the word was God. 
Ehh I hope someone is understanding this? 

That state where God said said “light be” because it is. That state where God was when he saw everything he created as good. 
So, friends I want you to think. What are you holding today? Is it that faith where everything is muddled up into one? The kind of faith that works for this and doesn’t work foe that? Or the Two Sided Coin. My friend Usen MJ used to say, “when you get the right formula it works for everything. If it works for this and doesn’t work for that, then it’s not the formula.” If it’s the former that you have I would implore you to make an exchange for the real thing — the Two Sided Coin — the most valuable coin in the universe. Forget about cryptocurrency. 
You may be wondering, “how do I get the Two Sided Coin?” The Good news is that you have it. It’s in you. God has given everyone a measure of faith. You only need to appropriate it. The the faith you have is the Two Sided Coin but because you don’t see it, or you see it as something else that it’s not, it doesn’t work. 
So you have that faith, that coin, begin to spend it today. Its limit is the one you give it.
Hey chill!! This discourse has ended here, let it begin there. Don’t jump into another activity just yet.

Relax, think, spend!!
Adeayo for The SWAT