I have noticed something; a small anomaly. I bet you all have noticed it too. I bet all the money in my wallet right now that you have noticed it.
*Don’t bet against me… I ALWAYS WIN.*
Ever seen a movie where there was some Wizkid? A prodigy? A genius? Someone with raw and amazing mental abilities? Someone that could think so logically and with accuracy that it amazed you? Ever seen any of such movies? I can name many right now. 98% of them usually claim that the people with such talents had some sort of mental problem, OCD, Attention Deficiency Syndrome, Autistic Traits, Psychopathic problems etc. It is always portrayed that something IS WRONG WITH THEIR BRAINS hence the hyper-activity in the mind resulting in high displays of genius. The subconscious thought planted in our minds is that since we are ‘normal’ we cannot do ‘super-normal’ things. This is the underlying reason people get their states altered via some opium or the other.
*Gbo mi dada*( Hear me well)
YOUR MIND IS PERFECT! All the creativity you need can be displayed through you right now! You do not need to have a mental issue for your mind to perform at full speed!
You have a sound mind, you have Christ’s Mind; Use It




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