The Lost Words Of Silence

No one can successfully argue that prayer doesn’t work, because the one who

would venture on that hopeless quest is obviously ignorant of the word prayer.
The man, who argues that prayer doesn’t work, is the man who hasn’t prayed; the

man, who has engaged in various religious exercises but prayer. That man is the

man who changes his choices every now, then and again. He is the man who doesn’t know what he wants. That man is

the double minded one unstable in his ways and cannot receive anything from

God. Not because God is angry with him, no, but because he who asks has received and he who seeks has found. How then

can a man receive without asking? That man would not receive because he hasn’t asked. But how can a man ask if he doesn’t know what he wants?
Now, someone who is reading this would say ‘I ask, I speak to God, I open my mouth and cry out to him with a loud

voice…’ I would reply him by saying this: you ask with your mouth while your heart is painting a different picture. That is not prayer, you can call it wishful words or

lamenting. Your heart is closer to God than your mouth. Your mouth seeks a

God on the outside — which it would never find — instead of looking inward.
That which you seek without is within — as above, so below. His will is done on

earth as it is in heaven — on earth, in you.
Prayer is so simple that even demons pray. ‘Do not cast us into the abyss’ they said, ‘let us go into that herd of pigs’ they prayed. It is so simple that even a thief didn’t need to be taught, ‘when you get

to your father’s kingdom, please remember me,’ he said, and the master

replied him and said, ‘of a truth, today, you shall be with me in paradise. 
A great man once wanted his master’s cattle to breed spotted lambs; all he had to do was create a criss-cross fence that made him see the cattle as spotted, when viewed through it. This imprinted the image of

spotted cattle in his heart, so when the ewes began to produce, they began to

produce spotted offspring.
The situation on the outside had to conform to what he prayed for and saw on the inside — in his heart. Jacob was a man of payer. Prayer is about knowing what you want.
Prayer is about desiring the same, as though your existence depends on it.

Prayer is synchronising the thoughts of your heart with the words of your mouth.

Prayer is looking within to the God on your inside. Prayer is earnestly searching for answers with the ‘candle of the lord, the spirit of man, your own spirit, your heart, because God, your All, The All, your All in All has All the answers — he is All the

answers — and dwells right there in your heart. 
Your desire, your earnest expectation, is your prayer, not your crying, wailing and lamentations. So friends this morning, be careful when youre silent, be careful what you desire, be careful what you think in your heart, because whether good or bad, therein lies your prayer.

Adeayo for The SWAT


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