You Are More Than Your Actions, And God Knows It Too! 

So today, I realised a really wonderful thing; someone really close to me smokes weed.

Now, I call it wonderful because it was wonderful; I wondered at it.
Smoking is something I haven’t tried before. I have tried a lot of stuff but smoking hasn’t really appealed to me. I was brought up to fear lung cancer. I guess that explains why I never tried it.
However, I noticed something weird in me.

I didn’t feel ashamed of this person.

For the sake of this post, I will call the person ‘X’
There was no reason to be.
Is my fear of lung cancer legit? Well… I don’t fear it anymore. People get lung cancer these days and they haven’t ever taken a smoke in their life. Some studies say everyone is just at as much risk as any smoker. So why fear it?

Here’s what else I discovered; I still see X like a human being.

Smoking is just about a minute fraction of X’s entire life. X was just as lovely, funny and human after I discovered that X smoked, as X was before I discovered. All of X’S good qualities didn’t disappear when I saw X smoke. X was just as full of them as X was before I discovered.
In a flash, I understood the logic behind God’s view of us; he sees us past our actions. He sees all we are, the entirety of our lives. He sees that we are much more than our actions. In this light, our entire life outweighs our actions.
Will the fact that X smoked affect how I relate to X? Well, I don’t think so. It may affect other people, but I understand them.

They do not see what God sees in X.

God sees X’s entire life.

And to God, X is not someone in need of salvation, in need of pity, in need of an intervention, etc
God sees X… When he made X, he said ‘Good, very good’. That does not sound like something in need of help…That sounds like something ALREADY helped. So, I will love X. I will be there for X, reflecting the light of my being, basking in X’s light as well.
For I see X… I see good.



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