Fear Breeds Hate! 

“There is a rising growth of

“islamophobics” around the world. People are turning on people with Islamic names,

and people of the Muslim faith because of the acts of terrorist groups. Being an

adept student of history, I know that there have been CHRISTIAN TERRORIST

groups, and PERSONALITIES over the years. These groups (or persons) have not been enough reason to hate or kill off the whole Christian community. These personalities are the ‘diversion’ in the

Christian tradition.
I personally know many Muslims, and would do business (or ministry for that

matter) with any, for all of them I have had close dealings with, stand at the top

of the ladder for their HONESTY and

That a percentage of the

community of Muslims are raging terrorists, isn’t a reason to flush (or

exterminate) the others.
People will try to recruit you into their hate fair. People will try to cause you to fear names like “Hussein, Mubarak, Usman,

Hamed,” laugh hard, because each of those names have amazing (and benign) meanings.
We have no reason to hate, no reason to fear. For we haven’t been given the

“tools” of “fear,” but the tool of the “POWER OF LOVE IN A SOUND MIND”



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