This Uncontestable Strength

​Think with me
When we say a nation is great or powerful, what do we usually mean?
Oya, think, Pen down if you can
When we say America is more powerful than Nigeria, what do we mean?
Mosttimes, we derive our concept of strength from the knowledge that a certain country like the US will snuff out another like Nigeria from the map with just one release of a nuclear weapon! 
Our concepts of strength are derived from the ability of a thing to wreck havoc. If it cannot destroy them it must be weak. We have been trained to think that way from childhood. The strongest dog was the one everyone steered  clear of, the strongest teacher was the one people avoided his flogging sessions etc. Strength was “synonymized” with Chaos and Destruction.
Think again
The problem with this notion of strength is that it is a fallen, incomplete and forced fallacy like a mirage. 
This kind of strength cannot exist in a world where there is only peace. A world with no wars will not see strength in that light. Which means our idea of strength is fallen, unstable and hence untrue.
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We have imported our false ideas of strength over into our image of God. When we say God is strong, we often do so in comparison to the devil or our problems. So we always say (audibly or unconsciously) “God is stronger than…” Because we think of him as able to cause chaos and destruction more than the devil can. So we have poems like:

“Satan struck, but God snuffed out the one that struck”

We see God in the light of another being. As though God’s strength were dependent on the weaknesses of another being.
But listen
God is strong. Uncontestable. For there is nothing except God which means nothing to contest with.
We see his strength in the beauty of the plants

The order of time

The synchronization of the elements of weather

The clotting of our blood

The restoration of our blood cells

The 9 months journey from zygote to human.
God’s strength is obvious in the way he feeds the sparrow. The fact that the sparrow is always fed.
The fact that the lilies are clothed.
That your hair number is known and named by him.
Trust in his uncontestable strength.
All things are yours.


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