The Jesus Problem 4

When you hear the word “Jesus” what comes to mind?

Pause, think

I mean do some actual thinking.

If you can get out a pen and book to jot down what comes to mind, it would do you a world of good.

Think again of the word “Jesus.” What comes to mind?

Imagine you gave birth and someone said you should name your child “Jesus” what would you say?

Would you laugh?

What if someone said “oya let’s call him or her — depending on the Child’s sex — Jehovah,” what would you say?

Again, pause think.

We often times say one thing, and actually believe another. And questions like this only point out our flawed thinking. If we say we and our Father are one, what’s the problem in calling one of our offsprings Yahweh?

Just think with me

As I think of Frank, I remember how he saw his brother. How his brother’s achievements made him feel. But the problem was not the brother at all….The problem was Frank! 

My friend felt small!

No wonder everything else around him felt big!

I think the biggest problem with Christianity is Jesus!

Yes, Jesus!

But not just Jesus per se —  it is a false understanding that we have of ourselves.

History painted one man as God and that’s where we erred. Jesus was all we are, all we were. A false identity of ourselves is he reason we see him as what he is not: separate from us, bigger and better than us.

Frank’s brother was simply doing all Frank could do. But my friend didn’t know it. My friend was so blinded by the very thing that ought to give him sight; the light of his brother’s achievements. He ought to have used his brother as template for his own wonderful success. Instead, he used it as template for his failure.

He had gotten so carried away by the splendour of another being that he forgot it was his splendour too!

When we say we believe in Jesus, what do we mean?

Think again.

What did Jesus say when he came? What was his message?

I will sum it up into a few words; “We are sons of God”

And if in your mind’s eye, Jesus is anything other than you, then you have the Jesus Problem.

He is the author and finisher (the very essence) of our mindset.

All we are, He is!

He wants you to know this.

Turn away from idol worship. See what he sees — you, in the splendour of our Father!



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